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Playing Dress Ups – Matt Destry

Pastor Matt ends our Rock ‘n’ Roll Relationships series speaking on marriage and the gift of singleness. Matt Destry

Life In The Village #1 – Matt & Jody Destry

Our first message in new series “Life In The Village” centered around Love & Marriage. Matt & Jody shared from both scripture and personal experience on the marriage relationship as we explored the 4 seasons of a marriage. Matt & Jody Destry

*So You Said I Do #4 – Toby and Fiona Hall

Wrapping up our *So You Said I Do series were guest speakers Toby and Fiona Hall. Toby and Fiona have an incredible story of having a marriage that goes the distance despite some seemingly insurmountable obstacles. A wonderful message of hope and encouragement. Tony and Fiona Hall

John & Helen Burns – 6 July 2014

In this humourous and insightful message, guest speakers John & Helen Burns share the wisdom and experience from their 40 years of marriage. Often funny but always real, their insights will bless and encourage all those who are married or about to be. John & Helen Burns

So You Said I Do #5: Foundations

The bible presents a picture of marriage that is worth focusing on. In this teaching, Rohan explores marriage as a beautiful covenant, a purposeful union and a divine reflection of the relationship between Christ and His church. Rohan Dredge