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Modern Family S02E05: Make it Personal

To finish up our second series of Modern Family, Rohan shows the importance of truly living out our faith. You will discover that if we want to see our kids and the people we influence live like Christ, we actually have to start with ourselves by building good character and authenticity into our lives through […]

Modern Family S02E04: Create a Rhythm

Continuing our Modern Family series, Rohan talks about creating a rhythm within our families. You will be inspired to commit yourself wholeheartedly to establishing a daily, seasonal rhythm for learning that partners with the Church, so that we can build in and normalize the activity of God in our family’s everyday life. Rohan Dredge

Nathan Want: Create a Rhythm

In this ‘Create a Rhythm’ message from Nathan, you will be reminded that we were created for rhythm with God, that we need to find a time and place that works for spending time with Him and not losing sight of what God has got for us, so that we truly incorporate God into every […]

Modern Family S02E03: Fight for the Heart

In this message, Rohan shows us that we all have a responsibility to fight for the heart of our families. You will discover that the way we do conflict changes dramatically when we have God at the centre, by introducing a new rule of love, a new foundation of trust and a new responsibility on […]

Andrew Scarborough: Fight for the Heart

In this message, Andrew shows us that we have to let the heart to heart happen. You will discover that despite our natural tendency to substitute relationship with rules and regulations, we can fight for the heart by getting real, remembering that you can win the battle but lose the war and fighting for and […]

Modern Family S02E02: Imagine the End

In this message, Rohan discusses the important value of doing family with the end in mind. You will discover that when we maintain a picture of where we want us, and our families to be, we can experience a life of clarity, priority, perspective and progress. Rohan Dredge

Modern Family S02E01: Widen the Circle

In this message, Pete talks about taking the time to deliberately get involved in the lives of the next generation, to affirm, influence and encourage them to be all that they can be in Christ. Pete Lusk

Modern Family #7: Faithfulness

In this message you willl learn the importance of faithfulness in friendships, marriage and in life so that you can grow stronger in this area. Anna White-Atkins

Modern Family #4: Restoration and Forgiveness

In this message learn the power of forgiveness in relationship through the story of Pete and Lyn. Pete and Lyn after 13 years of marriage were very close to what could have been the end of their relationship. This message will demonstrate how restoration can take place with the help of God and the willingness […]

Modern Family #3: Wholeness

In this message learn the the importance of being responsible for yourself so that your spouse and others dont have to. Rohan Dredge

Modern Family #2: Family of Origins

This message explores the problems growing up in different families can cause on a new family. This message will help you overcome these problems so that your family can grow and become the healthy experience you desire it to be. Rohan Dredge