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Into The Wild #3

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Discovery Church saw 3 special women share their hearts. Senior Pastor Jody Destry, Service & Events Pastor Melissa Donovan and Youth Pastor Tiani Walters each had a unique perspective of motherhood from both being a mother and being a child. It was a really special Sunday. Jody Destry, Melissa Donovan & […]

Mother’s Day – Jody Destry

Jody Destry’s message for Mother’s Day centered around peace. It centered around the theme that we cannot have the peace of God until we make our peace with God. Jody Destry

Mother’s Day 2017 – PM service

Mother’s Day 2017. In our evening Sunday service we had 3 Discovery Church blokes sharing on motherhood from a man’s perspective.

Mother’s Day 2017 – The Panel AM

Mother’s Day 2017 is all about The Promise. A Panel of Discovery mums crossing all generations shared their journeys of motherhood and how precious and faithful God is to His promises. Panel, hosted by Jody Destry

Heroes #5 – Mothers Day with Megan Dredge

In a remarkable Mother’s Day message, Megan Dredge speaks about Jochebed, the mother of Moses. What a courageous woman she was! From her story we learn the importance of trusting God with all we have, the daily things and those most precious of things, our dream and our hopes. Megan Dredge

Mothers Day 2015 – Megan Dredge and Panel

Mothers Day at Discovery Church was inspirational and deeply moving as Megan Dredge interviewed our 3 Service Pastors, all women and all mums. Each had a story to share of how God’s love and strength came through for each of them in a time of despair or inadequacy. Everyone, man or woman will be touched […]

Mothers Day 2014 – Megan Dredge

In this inspiring Mothers Day message using the text from Romans Chapter 13, Megan Dredge urges us all to be clothed in righteousness, to be dressed in the Lord Jesus Christ. As we begin to understand that we put on the robe of salvation daily, we learn that our self doubts and weaknesses are no […]

Janine Kubala: Mothers’ Day

In this message, Janine Kubala shares her story of how her obedient and praying mother helped to shape and transform her life. You will hear an amazing testimony of God’s divine protection and purpose shining through no matter the circumstances. Janine Kubala