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One Life #4: What money can’t buy

In this message, Rohan shows us that the beautiful Christmas gifts are the things that money can’t buy. You will understand that when we look past the hype and festivities, and focus on God, we see that the best thing about Christmas is an amazing promise fulfilled, joy unveiled and peace made available. Rohan Dredge

One Life #3: The Announcement

In this message, Rohan shows us that the announcement of Jesus’ birth went global, it made Jesus accessible and it made Him personal. You will discover that the amazement of Christmas is in the search for Jesus, the question is… Are you looking? Rohan Dredge

One Life #2: Chosen

In this message, Rohan explores the life of a girl who was chosen. By looking at Mary, you will discover that common is where God looks, grace is what He gives, Jesus is where He focuses and faith is what He wants, so that you can understand that God can use anyone to accomplish even […]