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Origins #6 Easter Sunday – Matt Destry

The miracle of the Red Sea, where the Israelite left their old life of slavery in Egypt behind for freedom and new life in the Promised Land foretold the miracle of the Resurrection of Christ. Matt Destry

Origins #5 Good Friday – Matt Destry

We see the origins of Good Friday in the story in Exodus of blood of the Passover Lamb. Matt Destry brings out the significance of the Passover and how it pointed to the Lamb of God, Jesus. Matt Destry

Origins #4 – Matt Destry & Jody Destry

Title “What Lies Beneath”. Speaking from Exodus 4:1-9 Matt Destry speaks about fear. He talks about how the things we hold in our hand, our gifts can also have a dark side of fear. Fear that we are not good enough, fear that we could stumble or fail. What we learn is how you handle […]

Origins #3 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry continues the Origins series by explaining that Exodus is the account of God creating a community. We serve a compassionate God who hears, who sees, surprises, sends and acts. God walks through our lives to see what is broken and needs to be fixed – He does not run or rush through. He […]

Origins #2 – Matt & Jody Destry

Exodus is the account of God creating a community. Matt and Jody continue Origins speaking about how when God wants to do something in our midst, He starts with summoning and raising a leader. This is the ‘paint’ of God. Moses was a special child as God drew him out of the water in order […]

Origins #1 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry began our Easter series ‘Origins’ looking at the Exodus story. The story of Exodus is a story of survival and redemption for the Israelites – the account of God creating a community. Jesus’ death and resurrection is the ultimate Exodus, leaving behind what is broken and moving into new life. We can stand […]