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Others#3 – Jody Destry

Jody Destry’s message to close out our “Others” series was based around the story of Mary and Martha. She encouraged us to take time to look around us and ask what it is that God is doing in that moment, for us to learn the “art of noticing”. We are a part of something much […]

Others #2 – Matt Destry

Speaking about being “the new person”, Matt Destry gave many examples from his personal life of the times he had been “the new person”. With being new to a community comes many new experiences and discoveries. He spoke how the presence of Jesus is a place of discovery for those that enter our faith community […]

Others #1 – Peter Lusk

We launched our new series “Others” with a terrific message from Pete Lusk. Speaking from Philippians chapter 2, Pete’s message was about valuing others above ourselves. Using Christ’s example of serving others we are encouraged to be intentional, have a go, leave judgement at the door and to listen, don’t tell. Pete Lusk