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The Wisdom of the Crowd

When this mudbrick building was built, everybody was involved—and neighbours too—all in the spirit of the Old Testament history book Ezra where God’s people—and some unexpected neighbours—rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem. The future of the people of God is within the people of God because Holy Spirit is in the people of God; the future […]

The Neighbourhood #5 – Paul Cameron

Titled Two Words, Paul’s message was about mission in our local community. To reach our neighbours we need two things. Compassion and Courage. Paul gave some very practical ideas on how we can become more missional in our daily life by putting Christ as the priority in our lives and letting mission flow out of […]

Immeasurably More #8 – Paul Cameron

In this final message of the Immeasurably More series Paul Cameron encouraged us to put on the full armour of God and be ready for whatever battles may come our way. We live in times of fluidity and mobility and we need to choose the right equipment to help us fight those battles. Paul Cameron