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Guest Speaker – Pete Lusk

Guest speaker Pete Lusk, CEO of Southern Cross Kids Camp speaks on what greatness looks like in the Kingdom of God. Using examples from scripture and recent history we are left inspired by those who have taken on some great challenges and been victorious. Pete Lusk

Ancient Paths #2 – Pete Lusk

Continuing new series Ancient Paths. God delights in us when we set some time aside to sit in His presence. What a great encouragement this message from Pete Lusk’s is on the importance of spending time in silence and solitude – to sit and wait on the presence of God. Pete Lusk

Measuring Up – Peter Lusk

Death of the Tape Measure. Pete Lusk’s message to us is that the days of trying to measure up, to prove ourselves worthy of God have been long over. Instead there is Grace, Amazing Grace through Jesus Christ. Pete’s gift of encouragement comes to the fore and he shares some tips on how we can […]

Summer Series #1: A Gift Worth Giving

In this message, Peter Lusk explores the character of those who give the gift of Christ to others. You will see that character, as well as the way we live and act can truly point people in the direction of Jesus. Peter Lusk

Each of us needs All of us #2

Pete Lusk talks about volunteering as the Each of us needs all of us series continues. Included in this message is the testamonies of different people who serve at this church. Giving life stories as to what volunteering has done for them in their life including how rewarding and fun it can be. Peter Lusk