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The Lord Will Provide – Phil Hamilton

Pastor Phil Hamilton’s message ‘The Lord Will Provide’ is based from Genesis 22 this weekend. Sometimes we might be tempted to question: Is the Lord good? Can the Lord be trusted? Is God dependable? But the Lord provides the peace of His presence in the most devastating of circumstances. He is with us. Phil Hamilton

Walking the Road with Jesus – Phil Hamilton

Pastor Phil Hamilton continues our “On the Road Series” with his message “Walking the Road with Jesus”. He reflects from Mark 10. As the disciples were grappling with Jesus speaking of His death we can only wonder at their emotional state. They were astonished by the peace and even the joy of Christ as He […]

The Wrestle – Phil Hamilton

In this message from the Vision 2020 series, Phil Hamilton speaks from the story of Jacob’s wrestle with God. We all have things in our lives we wrestle with. It’s such an important part of our spiritual development to wrestle as we understand that through Jesus we overcome and if we hold on to this […]

Children Thrive Within Families – Phil Hamilton

Neighbourhood Pastor, Phil Hamilton speaks on how children thrive in families. Looking at research and statistics around institutional child rearing situations, we see the tragedy that is so often the outcome of a child growing up in broken family situation or worse without parents or relatives at all. Broken families are a justice issue to […]

Broken Arrow #2 – Phil Hamilton

Discovery Church’s Neighbourhood Pastor, Phil Hamilton​ speaks about the the heart of David, the King, the Adulterer and the Murderer. Despite David’s enormous flaws and sins that many would say were unforgivable, scripture remembers him as a man after God’s own heart. As we look at how David dealt with his sin and how God […]

Seedtime & Harvest #3 – Phil Hamilton

Phil Hamilton, our Global Pastor continues with our Seedtime & Harvest series. Phil spoke around God’s plan for the world and the call of God on each of our lives. Using the example of Jesus during the Passover celebrations Phil points out how we must put the riches of heaven before earthly riches. Our call […]