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Pilgrims #6 – Guest Speaker, Melinda Cousins

It was a joy to have Melinda Cousins speaking at Discovery Church to bring our Pilgrims series to an end. Melinda has a PhD in the Old Testament Psalms, her message will impact you. Melinda Cousins

Pilgrims #5 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry spoke in the 5th message of our Pilgrims series. As we continued our journey through the Psalms of Ascent we are encouraged to desire God as a child who is weaned. Matt Destry

Pilgrims #4 – Jody Destry

In this, the fourth message in our Pilgrims series, Jody Destry speaks on Vision for our households being home, work, family. Vision for our Legacy being marriage and generations and vision for our Victory being our hope on the journey. Jody Destry

Pilgrims #3 – Matt Destry

For the 3rd message in the Pilgrims series, Matt spoke on Psalms 125 & 126. It was a message that spoke of vulnerability and restoration, of having tears of sorrow turned into joy. Matt Destry

Life Hacks #2 – Jody Destry

Life Hack #2 is Prayer. Jody Destry explains how Prayer is not a box to be checked, but a lifestyle to be cultivated. Jody Destry

Pilgrims #2 – Matt Destry

In this 2nd message in the Pilgrims series, Matt Destry spoke on how we find God in the highs and lows, but God finds us in the tension between them. Matt Destry

Pilgrims #1 – Matt Destry

First message in the series Pilgrims. A journey through the Psalms of Ascent. Matt Destry looks at Psalms 120, 121 & 122. Speaking about exciting destinations Matt reminds us that it is the journey to the destination that changes us, not just the arrival. We are encouraged to “lift our eyes” as the psalmist encourages […]