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Immeasurably More #6 – Guest Speaker, Peter McHugh

Peter McHugh’s 2nd message for the day continued on in the theme of unconditional love. What a great message again from Peter about living a life of unconditional love. The true mark of your spirituality is how you love. When we experience and encounter the love of God, we are then encouraged to love the […]

Immeasurably More #5 – Guest Speaker, Peter McHugh

So good to have Peter McHugh, the Senior Minister from Stairway Church with us on this Sunday. Peter spoke on the unconditional love of God, using John 13:34 as his text. Jesus commanded that we love one another as HE loves us. Peter McHugh

Restore #5 – Pete Lusk

We continue the Restore Series with a great message from Pete Lusk on the power of story. Sharing our story or hearing the stories of others builds faith and brings restoration. Pete Lusk

Philippians #7 – Rohan Dredge

This final message in the Philippians series wraps up by concluding that no matter our physical circumstances in life, our joy and true contentment come from the overflow of Jesus. Rohan Dredge

Philippians #5 – Rohan Dredge

In this message in the Philippians series, Pastor Rohan looks at the power of what Christ did at the cross and at his resurrection. We are reminded that nothing we have ever done can qualify us OR disqualify us from relationship with God. It is only through accepting the death and resurrection of Jesus and […]

Nehemiah #3

In this message, Pastor Rohan continued with our study of Nehemiah and looked at the Principles of Progress that his leadership demonstrated. As we press on with all that God has for us in 2014 let us not be discouraged or distracted but “let us rise up and build” (Neh 2:18 NKJV).

Nehemiah #1: Behind the Story

God uses people to bring His purposes to pass. In this message, Rohan explores the biblical context to the story of Nehemiah, highlighting the significance of a courageous leader, mobilized community, revived Spirit and a faithful God. Rohan Dredge

Summer Series #5: Australia Day

In this Australia Day message, Rohan Dredge talks about connecting everyday Australians to Jesus everyday. You will discover helpful steps to communicate with the people around us effectively. When we step up, Jesus stands out. Rohan Dredge

Summer Series #4: Second Chances

When things fall apart, it is important to remember that we know the God of second chances. In this message, Matt Destry invites us to lean into God’s forgiveness and restoration, so that we don’t have to run from our story, but can use as a part of our ministry. Matt Destry