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Preparing The Way #9 – Pete Lusk

Rest – Rest is sweet. Pastor Pete Lusk concludes our Preparing The Way series speaking on the importance of rest. Over and over again in scripture God mentions rest. The invitation of Christ to the weary and burdened to come and find rest in Him is the focus of Pete’s message. Pete Lusk

Preparing The Way #8 – Brent Johnson

Pastor Brent Johnson’s message in our Preparing The Way series focuses on God’s providence and faithfulness. It is to Him that we look to and rely on during the seasons of life. Brent Johnson

Preparing The Way #7 – Matt Destry

Pastor Matt Destry’s message focused on God’s unfathomable power and His inexplicable kindness. We learn that both are  in wrapped up in the Person of Jesus. Matt Destry

Preparing The Way #6 – Heather Johnson

Pastor Heather Johnson’s message is one of encouragement in times of darkness and despair. As we look up and lift our eyes to heaven we are reminded that seasons of wilderness often precede destiny. Heather Johnson

Preparing The Way #5 – Yana Starr

Yana Starr’s message for the “Preparing The Way” series is titled “Go – In His Power & Strength”. She speaks on how Christians have a holy challenge to be active in our faith and walk in God, and to rely on His power and strength to do so. So let’s GO and be the God […]

Preparing The Way #4 – Shereen Barker 10AM Service

Shereen Barker from Discovery Community Care tackles the fourth week of “Preparing The Way”. Her message, titled “How the Mighty have Risen” ,focuses on Isaiah 40:9-31 where scripture speaks on God’s Might, Power and Strength.  We learn that as Christians we take off our human weaknesses and take on God’s ability. Shereen Barker

Preparing The Way #3 – Jody Destry

Great message from Young Adults Pastor, Jody Destry titled “I’m Not In A Hurry”. To prepare the way of the Lord we need to be able to hear His voice. We need to not be in a hurry, to not rush in His presence. We need to be still. Jody Destry

Preparing The Way #2 – Jesse Starr

Speaking from the parable of the Unforgiving Servant in the gospel of Matthew, Pastor Jesse tackles the issue of forgiveness. To prepare the way for the Lord we must forgive others and ourselves. Only then can we move forward in freedom and let God’s perfect plan for our life unfold. Jesse Starr