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Playing Dress Ups – Matt Destry

Pastor Matt ends our Rock ‘n’ Roll Relationships series speaking on marriage and the gift of singleness. Matt Destry

Full House – Jody Destry

Pastor Jody’s message ‘Full House’ opens with the passage from Ephesians 2:19:22 where scripture tells us that we are part of a family of faith, part of God’s household. Jody speaks about the generational relationships within God’s family and the beauty and richness of a full house of generations. Jody Destry

Soul Knitted – Ben Kumar

In his message Soul Knitted, Pastor Ben Kumar speaks on friendship, opening with the statistic in a recent study that 55% of people reported being lonely. He shared from Proverbs 18:24, where it speaks about a friend who sticks closer than a brother. The friendship between David and Jonothan was this kind of ‘soul knitted’ […]