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Phillip and the Eunuch – Shane Willard

In this message by guest speaker, Shane Willard we look at the story of Phillip and the Eunuch and ask the question are we a ‘Well or Fences’ kind of church. Shane Willard

Empty Yourself – Shane Willard

There’s no crown without the Cross. What does this statement mean to us as Christians? Shane Willard points us towards Jesus, who humbled Himself, who emptied Himself completely unto death on the cross, so that we may live. Is there someone in our world today that needs us to humble and empty ourselves to point […]

The End Of Hostility – Shane Willard

Guest Speaker, Shane Willard speaks about one aspect of The Cross with this message in our series The Cross & The Crown. The Cross was the end of hostility, it is the call to believers to be peacemakers. We learn that we need to bring peace and de-escalate hostility in situations and relationships around us. […]

Leadership From The Life of David – Shane Willard

Guest speaker, Shane Willard speaks on Leadership from the Life of David on this special Thursday evening event as part of our Broken Arrow series. We learn the difference between serving out of duty and serving out of sacrifice. When all that we do is done for God, and not from a sense of duty, […]

Palm Sunday – Shane Willard PM

Guest Speaker, Shane Willard speaks from the Book of Numbers. We look at how important the presence of God is, where the presence of God is, there is life. We see this all through Numbers and so we must actively seek the presence and touch of God in our lives. Shane Willard

Palm Sunday – Shane Willard AM

Guest Speaker, Shane Willard spoke on the historical significance of the entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem on the day we now know as Palm Sunday. The significance of everything happening on that day, during the celebration of the Passover is astounding. Prophecy fulfilled. Shane leaves us with an encouragement to approach the challenges in our […]

Guest Speaker – Shane Willard PM Service

Returning for our evening service, Guest Speaker, Shane Willard spoke on “The yoke of our Rabbi”. This message looked at how all young Jewish boys in the time of Christ were trained in the scripture and the Law of God. We see how Jesus excelled in his training and astounded religious teachers as a young […]

Guest Speaker – Shane Willard AM Service

Guest Speaker, Shane Willard’s message was about living life heroically. Most of us would not put ourselves in the Hero category when we think about who we are. Shane’s message taught us that we were created to be heroes of the faith by God. Shane Willard