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She Is – Discovering Devine Design #4: Mary

In this message, Beth Allison, looking at the life of Mary Magdalene, shows us that women have freedom in Christ, they are held in high honour by Christ himself and that no matter anyones position or circumstances, they are called to be a witness for Jesus and He will provide a way to do that. […]

She Is: PM #3: The Church

In this message Sara Deutscher explores: the idea that the church is always referred to with a feminine pronoun, how the characteristics of women resemble the glory of God and how society today holds a degraded and twisted view of beauty and worth that is leading both men and women into insecurities of themselves. You […]

She Is – PM #2: Sian Baensch, Cassie Allison and Elise Mason

In these messages, Sian shows us how to pray for breakthrough by looking at Hannah’s story, Cassie looks at the life of Leah, showing us that our identity doesn’t come from our circumstance, but from God, and Elise challenges us with the life of Esther, reminding us that it is our responsibility to step into […]

She Is – Discovering Devine Design #3: Jen Knoll, Jayne Cox and Kay Derham

In these messages, Jen shows us, by looking at the Queen of Sheeba, how we can learn amazing things by positioning ourselves under the wisdom of others, Jayne looks at Mary, the mother of Jesus, challenging us to be obedient to what God is calling us to do and trust Him in that, and Kay, […]

She Is – Discovering Devine Design #2: Mothers’ Day

In this special Mothers’ Day message, Nation renowned corporate speaker Lisa McInnes-Smith talks about motherhood, and shows us practical ways to build up and encourage ourselves and those around us. You will gain insight into valuable lessons that Lisa has learned over the years of being a mother, follower of Christ and corporate speaker. Lisa […]

She Is – PM #1: Laura, Joyce and Beck

In these messages, Laura shows us that like Hagar, God meets us in our wilderness, Joyce looks at the life of Rahab and shows how she made the most of a God opportunity and Beck shows us that God is in fact a God that can be trusted. You will be challenged and inspired by […]

She Is – Discovering Devine Design #1: Priscilla

In this message Megan looks at the life of the New Testament character Priscilla, showing us how significant her life was because she was ready, willing and able to be used by God. You will discover how Priscilla’s life shows us that God uses us significantly if we flourish wherever we are, place Kingdom value […]