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Teleos #4 – Rohan Dredge

In this insightful message Pastor Rohan Dredge takes us through to Stage 3 in the Teleos journey – The Productive Life. Using the parable of the 10 Talents Pastor Rohan looks at the obstacles Christians face that can be roadblocks in being productive and fruitful in our faith and christian service. Rohan Dredge

Teleos #2 – Jody Destry

In this message from the Teleos series, Young Adults Pastor Jody Destry gives fresh insight to the questions and wonder around the beginnings of  a person’s faith journey. Jody Destry

Teleos #2 – Rohan Dredge

Following on from the Teleos series overview in part one, Pastor Rohan Dredge begins to take us in depth through the first stage of the Christian’s faith journey. Rohan Dredge