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Scarcity & Abundance

Scarcity & Abundance Greg Attwells – Creative Pastor Consumerism and scarcity are 2 sides of the same coin. Consumerism says, “what I have isn’t good enough…. I need more.” Scarcity says, “there simply isn’t enough to go round so I need to store and save up more for myself”. There is another coin. One side […]

Brian Kluth: Generosity

In this message, Brian Kluth completes our series on stewardship by teaching about generosity. You will discover seven key principles that will help you move towards an open-handed lifestyle that will help get you excited about the idea of generosity outworking in your life. Brian Kluth

Each of Us Needs All of Us – Stewardship #5: Tithing

In this message, Rohan shows us that the first ten percent is the best place to respond to God’s overwhelming generosity to us. Tracking through from the Old testament command to tithe through to the New Testament grace to be generous, Rohan invites you to become a percentage giver based on the wisdom and freedom […]

Each of Us Needs All of Us – Stewardship #4: Attitude

In this message, Rohan shows us that attitude is an inner perspective that shows itself in an outward corresponding behavior. You will learn that a good attitude towards generosity is formed by having a willing heart, meaningful perspective, clear consequences, transferred treasure, compassionate motives, proportional sacrifice and a sowing spirit. Rohan Dredge

Steve Kelly: Stewardship

In this message, Steve Kelly talks about the importance of having a good report, a gathering mentality and being prepared to wear the restraints of the vision. You will be challenged to ensure that you are thinking and speaking positively in any circumstances, being people minded and ready to allow the vision to restrain us. […]

Steve Kelly: Appreciation not expectation

In this message, Steve Kelly reminds us of the huge difference between appreciation and expectation. You will be challenged to keep your appreciation of all that God has given you, and not view it as an entitlement. Steve Kelly

Each of Us Needs All of Us – Stewardship #3: Trust

In this message, Rohan talks about how the fundamental belief of the generous is trust. You will understand that to experience the fullness of trust you need to learn faithfully, practice proactivity, maintain humility, recieve vitality, practice generosity and experience prosperity. Rohan Dredge

Each of Us Needs All of Us – Stewardship #1: Perspective

In this message, Rohan discusses the importance of perspective in regards to the things which God has entrusted us with. You will understand that viewing all that we have through the lense of eternity changes our entire perspective on giving. Rohan Dredge