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Summer Series #5: Australia Day

In this Australia Day message, Rohan Dredge talks about connecting everyday Australians to Jesus everyday. You will discover helpful steps to communicate with the people around us effectively. When we step up, Jesus stands out. Rohan Dredge

Summer Series #4: Second Chances

When things fall apart, it is important to remember that we know the God of second chances. In this message, Matt Destry invites us to lean into God’s forgiveness and restoration, so that we don’t have to run from our story, but can use as a part of our ministry. Matt Destry

Summer Series #4_PM: Position Yourself to Grow

How many of us have actually stopped to evaluate where this year is going to go? In this message, Jody Destry highlights the effort and intentionality it takes; through devoting yourself, running your own race and learning God’s timing to make 2014 a truly worthwhile year. Jody Destry

Summer Series #1: A Gift Worth Giving

In this message, Peter Lusk explores the character of those who give the gift of Christ to others. You will see that character, as well as the way we live and act can truly point people in the direction of Jesus. Peter Lusk