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The Neighbourhood #7 – Pete Lusk

With a focus on Luke 10, Pete Lusk concluded “The Neighbourhood” series with an encouragement to open our eyes to what God is already doing in our community and join in to His activity. People get the right impression of who God is through our actions towards them. Love is not just in word but […]

The Neighbourhood #6 – Jesse Starr

Jesse Starr focuses on the story of Jesus teaching in the synagogue when His authority became apparent to the crowd present. Jesse Starr

The Neighbourhood #5 – Paul Cameron

Titled Two Words, Paul’s message was about mission in our local community. To reach our neighbours we need two things. Compassion and Courage. Paul gave some very practical ideas on how we can become more missional in our daily life by putting Christ as the priority in our lives and letting mission flow out of […]

The Neighbourhood #4 – Matt Destry

In the next message in our Neighbourhood series Matt Destry encouraged us to ‘pitch our tents’, to partner with God for the restoration and beauty of all things. We are called to be a creative and restorative community that helps people find themselves in a bigger story through the presence of God with us in […]

The Neighbourhood #3 – Anji Barker

Guest speaker, Anji Barker brought an inspirational message on the importance of doing life together with people. The thrust of her sermon was they we should assume that everyone wants to be included, even in their brokenness. We should aim to partner with God in what He is doing in the community by creating different […]

The Neighbourhood #2 – Jody Destry

With a message entitled “10, 000 Reasons”, Jody Destry encourages us to engage in what God is doing in our neighbourhood by allowing Him to open our spiritual eyes to see the people He wants us to help. God’s purpose is always bigger than what we can see with our natural eyes. We are called […]

The Neighbourhood #1 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry launched our new series “The Neighbourhood” focusing on John 1:1-4 & John 1:14. Through his message, we are reminded that God is always moving towards us and toward our neighbourhoods. See where God is, witness what He is doing and partner with Him. God is ‘the Word who walks’. Matt Destry