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The Road 7: Alignment

In this message, Rohan shows us that alignment is setting your head, heart and hands on God’s purposes for your life. We can get there by activating the big picture with humility, clear purpose with diligence and right relationships with wisdom. Rohan Dredge

The Road #6: Faith PM

In this message, Nathan talks shows us that faith with get us to the finish line. You will discover that to have faith, we simply need to believe in Jesus, fully lean into him, and not be afraid to live it out. Nathan Want

The Road #6: Faith

In this message, Pete reminds us that God has an incredible plan for our lives and shows us that faithfully embracing that plan allows us to live a bolder, meaningful and kingdom advancing life. Pete Lusk

The Road #4: Confidence

In this message, Rohan talks about having the boldness to know that Jesus is enough. You will understand that this kind of confidence in Jesus allows us to boldly move forward, keep believing, always engage and actively persevere in church and our relationship with Christ. Rohan Dredge

The Road #3: Honour

In this message, Rohan shows us that honour is vertical, relational and practical. You will discover that when we apply a spirit of honour to our lives by praying, affirming and serving, it transforms our attitudes and behaviours, so that we can live a life that honours God, ourselves and those around us. Rohan Dredge

The Road #1: Responsibility

In this message, Rohan explores and explains the characteristic of responsibility. You will understand that just as we are liberated in Christ, we also have a responsibilityto God, others and ourselves that cannot be ignored. Rohan Dredge