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Teleos #6 – The Journey Outward

Matt Destry – Communications Pastor After the storm. After the storm, she checked the sails. They were torn, ripped in two by the wind. The waves that had made the ship’s hull creak and groan, now lapped quietly on the deck. She inspected the damage, assured of the ship’s integrity and her own skill as […]

Teleos #5 – The Journey Inwards (to The Wall)

Pastor Rohan tackles this most difficult stage in a Christian’s life of faith in The Journey Inwards (to The Wall). It is the inevitable place we all come to when everything we have believed and trusted is challenged. We learn that the purpose of the Wall is not the overcome us but to mature us. […]

Teleos LG Study #5 – The Journey Inward (to the Wall)

Matt Destry – Communications Pastor The Journey Inward (to the Wall) The young medical student was 24 when his Dad died. A sudden heart attack, with no warning. No family history, a healthy lifestyle and still his Dad was cut down at a relatively young age. Tim did not take it well. His confidence was […]