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The Hope We Carry – Kate Boehringer

Discovery Kids Pastor, Kate Boehringer preaches a brilliant message on the Hope we carry for the rest of the world. The Kingdom of God is one of love, hope and beauty and Kate challenges us by asking what beauty will we add with our lives to the Kingdom. Kate Boehringer

Soul Prosperity – Ben Kumar

Discovery Church Young Adults Pastor, Ben Kumar speaks on Soul Prosperity. God wants our souls to prosper in all the things​ that God has for us. The number one key to having a prosperous soul is to learn the art of meditating on the Word of God. Ben teaches that we all meditate in our […]

Into The Wild #3

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Discovery Church saw 3 special women share their hearts. Senior Pastor Jody Destry, Service & Events Pastor Melissa Donovan and Youth Pastor Tiani Walters each had a unique perspective of motherhood from both being a mother and being a child. It was a really special Sunday. Jody Destry, Melissa Donovan & […]