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Stuck on You – Tiani Walters

Pastor Tiani wrapped up our Summer Series ‘Unmasked’ last Sunday with her message ‘Stuck On You’. Tiani looked at Mary Magdalene, a woman who had so many ugly labels put on her by the world. But after her life was touched by a relationship with Jesus, she was no longer defined by what the world […]

All On The Altar – Tiani Walters

Continuing our series “A Voice of One Calling”, Pastor Tiani’s message​ “All On The Altar” looks at what it means to offer ourselves as ‘living sacrifices’ to God. She says that as followers of Christ we are called to be living sacrifices but that sacrificing for us does not lead to death. It leads to […]

Come to the Table – Tiani Walters

Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters speaks from Acts 27, answering the question – what does Paul teach us about God in the midst of our life’s storms? God is a sure foundation. He promises grace kindness and peace even in the midst of fear. We can be seated at His table and rest in His presence. […]

New Things, A Conversation – Matt Destry, Tiani Walters & Kate Boehringer

Following on from the message “New Things”, Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters and Kids Pastor, Kate Boehringer join Pastor Matt to discuss their thoughts on the Acts 10 passage. It is great to listen to their testimonies of times when they’ve participated in the new thing God has been doing. Matt Destry, Tiani Walters & Kate […]

Are You Thirsty? – Tiani Walters

Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters speaks about our hope of living water in this message of The Cross and The Crown. If you are thirsting for meaning and fulfillment, then Jesus invites you to drink from the Living Water and ​you will find hope and peace. Tiani Walters

Stories of Summer #7 – Tiani Walters

​In this message Tiani speaks about waiting for God’s promises and how hard it is to wait in this modern culture of instant gratification. Tiani Walters

What If There Is A Better Way? – Tiani Walters

Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters continues our theme on children thriving within families.​ Speaking from her own story as an International Adoptee, Tiani shares how her thinking changed from championing international orphanages like the one she lived for the first 5 months of her life, to understanding that God’s plan is for children to remain with […]

Unstuck #3 – Tiani Walters & Matt Destry

In this third week of series Unstuck, Matt Destry welcomes Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters to share her personal story of becoming unstuck. Tiani shares her pain and sorrow of being given away to an orphanage at just 3 days old. She speaks about the struggle she has with not letting the orphan mentality make her […]

i60 Takeover

i60 Youth takesover the 5pm service and the whole of Discovery Church get to see what a Friday Night Live looks like! Youth Pastor Tiani Walters leads the message with some of her youth giving inspiring testimonies of God’s impact on their lives. Tiani Walters & i60 Youth

Altitude #5 – Tiani Walters

Tiani Walters, Youth Pastor of Discovery Church speaks on how precious the mercy of God is to the world. In His Mercy we are loved without needing to be perfect, without needing to jump through hoops to win approval. Tiani Walters