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Unshakeable #5: Kingdom Person

In this message you will learn what it is to be part of the kingdom of God so that you can take a step further in your spiritual journey. Anna White-Atkins

Unshakeable #4: Church

In this message gain clarity on the true purpose of the church at a universal and local level so that you can be a contradiction to the way the world currently sees it. Rohan Dredge

Unshakeable #3: Mission

In this message be encouraged in mission so that you can take a step forward in discovering yours. Rohan Dredge

Unshakeable #2: King

In this message learn to put aside your idols so that Jesus can return to the throne in your life. Rohan Dredge

Unshakeable #1: Kingdom of God

In this message you will learn about Gods perspective of the Kingdom of Heaven so that you can move one step closer to finding your purpose in it. Rohan Dredge