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Unstuck #4 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry concludes our series Unstuck looking at the words of Joshua towards the end of his life. Joshua looks back over 100’s of years of history and sees how God has been at the centre of everything. Every battle, every blessing, moving Israel along throughout history despite their tendency to get stuck. Matt speaks […]

Unstuck #3 – Tiani Walters & Matt Destry

In this third week of series Unstuck, Matt Destry welcomes Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters to share her personal story of becoming unstuck. Tiani shares her pain and sorrow of being given away to an orphanage at just 3 days old. She speaks about the struggle she has with not letting the orphan mentality make her […]

Unstuck #2 – Jody Destry

Jody Destry preaches a powerful message on how leaving the narrative that God is writing for our lives results in us being stuck in a life that is far less than God’s best for us. Getting unstuck always involves a wrestle with God. The wrestle is all about surrender, humility and identity. It’s in the […]

Unstuck #1 – Matt Destry

In this first message of new series “Unstuck”, Matt Destry takes us back through over a 1000 years of fertility in the book of Genesis. The smooth flow of a genealogy is suddenly interrupted by Abram’s wife Sarai who is barren. Through Matt’s message we learn that God is often a God of Interruption, who […]

Teleos LG Study #3 – Like a Breath

Matt Destry – Communications Pastor The Life of Discipleship Like a breath. Scripture : Mark 3:14 “He appointed twelve – designating them apostles – that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach…” When Jesus called the 12 disciples to himself, Mark 3 tells us it was for two […]

Greg Attwells: Graced

In this message, Greg Attwells shows us that grace is the willingness of God to labor on our behalf for a specific purpose. You will discover that each of us carries a God appointed assignment, and when we get involved, listen, sacrifice and yield, it will allow us to carry an abundance of fruit. Greg […]

Unstuck #9: Graced

Wrapping up the Unstuck series, Rohan Dredge highlights that we are all graced for something. You will discover that when we sit underneath the grace of God, it positions, protects and provides, so that we can carry out the assignment that God has set out for us. Rohan Dredge

Unstuck #8: Heart to hands

In this message, Rohan Dredge looks at Philippians, drawing from it that we are called to be steadfast as a church, unified as Christians and worthy as individuals. You will discover that grace moves from our heart to our hands when we choose unity over division, humility over pride and service over self.

Unstuck #7: Personal Grace

If your life was a book, which chapters would you want others to turn to first or perhaps avoid? In this message, Rohan unpacks the different chapters of Peter’s life. Peter shows us that Jesus has to be first and last, that failure is not fatal, restoration matters and opportunity will knock. You will discover […]

Nathan Want: Resurrection Sunday

In this Easter message, Nathan Want shows us that the gift of resurrection is about life and the act of grace. You will discover that to receive from God, and live a resurrected life all we have to do is believe. Will you choose to believe? Nathan Want

Unstuck #6: The prize of grace

In this Easter Sunday message, Rohan Dredge shows us that grace is God giving us himself completely. You will discover how the resurrection of Jesus told Mary Magdalene to tell the story, Thomas to be convinced and Peter to serve restored. Rohan Dredge

Unstuck #5: The price of grace

In this Good Friday message, Rohan Dredge unpacks what it meant when Jesus said ‘it is finished.’ You will discover that the work is complete, the way is established and the walk is invited, so that we can be in relationship with God and righteous in His eyes. Rohan Dredge