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Vertical_PM: The Fruit of Praise

When we praise things change. In this message, Jody Destry explores the fruit of praise in mission, miracles, movement and momentum, highlighting the internal transformation that takes place that has implications not just for us individually but corporately as the Church as we engage with the wider community and the world around us. Jody Destry

Vertical #6: Lead with Praise, Live with Peace

Wrapping up our vertical series, Rohan draws some valuable lessons from the life of King Jehoshaphat. Highlighting all that comes with clarifying the change, unifying the people, focusing faith, listening and responding, leading with praise and living vertical; you will discover that when praise comes first, peace follows. Rohan Dredge

Vertical #5: The Pathway to Praise

When we understand the basics of anything, we can build on them and do them well. In this message, Rohan explores the foundational factors that lead us to a positive place of praise. When we lift up our eyes, soul, voice and hands, with perspective, conviction, declaration and surrender; we position ourselves for a far […]

Vertical #4: Preparing Yourself to Praise – Part 2

What do we do that’s important before we get to the thing that’s important? In this message, Rohan teaches how we can prepare to praise by reflecting on our walk, our words and our witness and how they might be barriers to our own self-leadership and in doing so, experience the promise of Psalm 15 of “never being shaken” from […]

Vertical #3: Preparing Yourself to Praise

In this message, Rohan communicates the focus and fruit of praise. He teaches that when we focus on God, with an attitude of exaltation and lean into the praise experience through self-leadership, we can experience dominion. Rohan Dredge

Vertical #2: The Sacrifice of Praise

In this message, Creative Pastor Greg Attwells unpacks our New Covenant responsibility as priests to minister to the Lord in praise. The sacrifice of praise is a response to the sacrifice of Jesus and how we lead ourselves into the reality of His Kingdom. Greg Attwells

Vertical_PM: Alignment

Praise aligns us with the purpose that God has for us. In this message, guest Andrew Menzies reveals how praise, when congruent with the way we live, connects us to God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Andrew Menzies

Vertical #1: Perspective

The posture of praise brings God’s perspective into full view. To begin our new series Vertical, guest Andrew Menzies highlights how praise brings a right perspective of God, a right perspective for ministry and a right perspective for our future. Andrew Menzies