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Vision Builders – Matt Destry

Pastor Matt Destry launched our new series Daily Discipleship in his message titled ‘Vision Builders’. Pastor Matt spoke on how each of us can have a Kingdom Vision for our everyday lives and also be a part of the Discovery community Kingdom Vision. Matt Destry

Welcome Home #1 – Vision Sunday

In this significant message for Discovery Church, Pastor Rohan outlines the model and outworking in 2015 of our unchanging vision to lead people in the passionate pursuit of Jesus. We learn how Jesus mobilised a movement that changed the world and how 2015 is going to be a year of reaching, making and moving people […]

Future Church #1 – Vision

This message from Pastor Rohan Dredge launches the new series “Future Church”. Pastor Rohan speaks about the purpose, pathway and price of vision.  We learn how important vision is to the Church and how we must run passionately with the vision and revelation God has given to us. Rohan Dredge