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Winter Warmers #8 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry encourages us in his message to let go of our dreams and surrender them to the One who gives them to us. Put your dreams down to follow your calling and watch as God blesses you with bigger and better things. Matt Destry

Winter Warmers #7 – Shereen Barker

“It is not how many years you’ve lived, but how you’ve lived your life.” Thank you to Shereen Barker for sharing her story with us on Sunday morning. This earth is not our home, we are merely passing through. Don’t hold on to the material things you have here on earth as they can be […]

Winter Warmers #2 – Guest Speaker, Jeremy Fowler

It was so good to have Jeremy Fowler with us speaking into our new series Winter Warmers. Jeremy shared his journey of the last 12 months as God beckoned him into deeper intimacy with Himself. Jeremy Fowler

Winter Warmers #1 – Peter Lusk

Our new series Winter Warmers will set us up for Spring! Peter Lusk kicks off the series in this great message. Peter Lusk