Teleos #6 – The Journey Outward


Matt Destry – Communications Pastor

After the storm.

After the storm, she checked the sails. They were torn, ripped in two by the wind. The waves that had made the ship’s hull creak and groan, now lapped quietly on the deck. She inspected the damage, assured of the ship’s integrity and her own skill as a captain. The storm had tested the ship and tested her to the limit. So slowly, and quietly, she hoisted the second sail and continued on toward the bright horizon, knowing that the storms would continue, and that somehow, between her God and her own soul, she would be ok…

After the Wall, we begin the Journey Outward. What was tested at the Wall is now confirmed in the Presence of God and His people. Our doubts have not been completely removed, but we come to a point where they are simply held in tension with a new awareness of God and the certainty of His love, presence and peace. The trials continue, but they do not pose a threat to our faith anymore, instead they provide the awareness that God’s grace is at work in all things, big and small.

The challenge in this stage is not so much being caged by a certain mindset or behaviour, but rather the way others view us. To others, people on the Journey Outward can seem ‘out of touch’ with practical concerns, and ‘less diligent’ in certain areas of life. But to people in this stage, they worry less about the small things, much like a skydiver isn’t really worried about ‘the gap’ between platform and train – they know it’s a consideration, but it’s now in perspective and covered in peace.

The Journey Outward leads us towards a lifetime of fulfilment, but tragically, few reach this stage as the Wall seems to take all fulfilment away. What is renewed on the other side is something deeper, more rich and a true reward for those who seek and knock – for then, and only then, will the door be opened.

Discussion Questions (Getting Unstuck)

1/ How will ‘striving less’ enable you to encounter everyday problems differently?
2/ In what ways (big and small) can you see the grace of God at work in your life?
3/ What will it mean for you to live as someone wholly and unconditionally loved by God?
4/ If you were to live with the peace of God over your life, what would change?