Teleos LG Study #4 – The X-Men (and X-Women)


Matt Destry – Communications Pastor

The Productive Life

The X-Men (and X-Women).

As a boy, some of the stories that captured my imagination were stories of Super-heroes. I can still remember as a 5 year old, asking my mum to make me a red Superman cape, and one for my fluffy toy dog as well. I would ‘fly’ around the house, conquering evil, avoiding Kryptonite and generally saving the world.

The thing that we love about these kinds of characters, I think, is more than that they are the ‘goodies’. More than that they rescue and save people. It’s that they are uniquely GIFTED. After all, what would Superman be if he couldn’t fly (faster than a speeding bullet)? Or Batman without all of his gadgets? Or Spiderman without his webs? The list goes on. Characters like Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Thor, Hulk, or even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles give us something to aspire to not because they are great at everything (some of them in fact have nasty character-flaws), but that they can do ONE THING extremely well – and that one thing, as the name implies, is super-human.

As we reach Stage 3 in the Teleos journey, we arrive at what they call ‘The Productive Life’. It is at this stage that we recognise our uniqueness, become confident in our contribution, and rise to a greater level of responsibility. The goal is not to be great at everything – it’s about just doing one thing well. As our different body parts each have a different function, the Body of Christ operates in the same way.

In this stage of the journey how can you further recognise your unique contribution, and help ‘call out’ the unique contribution of others? Because sometimes we all need some help in discovering what our gift is. And as we do, we will find that not only will our own lives be more productive, but we’ll be able to do a lot more to help serve the world that Jesus (the Hero) came to save.

Questions (getting unstuck):

  1. What unique contribution exists in the people around me (my Lifegroup, Church etc)?
  2. How can I maintain a healthy level of engagement without becoming overworked?
  3. How can I remind myself of my place in the process and keep Jesus at the centre?
  4. When I serve, who am I really trying to please?