Teleos LG Study #5 – The Journey Inward (to the Wall)


Matt Destry – Communications Pastor

The Journey Inward (to the Wall)

The young medical student was 24 when his Dad died. A sudden heart attack, with no warning. No family history, a healthy lifestyle and still his Dad was cut down at a relatively young age. Tim did not take it well. His confidence was shattered, his life was put on hold, and his faith in God shaken to the core.

After the relative ease and enjoyment of the first 3 stages in the Teleos journey, it can be puzzling to think about how things can ‘go south’ from there. We meet God in Stage 1, knit ourselves to community in Stage 2, and start to operate in our gifts in Stage 3. It all sounds pretty good – until now.

The Journey Inwards (to the Wall) takes us on a deeply personal journey where we become ‘vertical people’ – where the primary focus is on our relationship with God and the healing and resolution that comes from that place.

It can feel a lot like a ship lost at sea – sails flailing in the wind, rudder broken by the storm. The confidence and security we had in God can seem all but gone, and the answers that worked up till now don’t seem to work any longer. Whether it was external factors, internal (poor) decisions or just plain disappointment with God, the crisis we find ourselves in leads us to a place of reflection that is painful, but so important for our maturity.

This young med. student began to search not for answers, but direction. He allowed God to meet him in the dark place of loss, and surrendered to God rather than playing it safe with shadow comforts. He began to see God in the mystery rather than in the shallow consolation of trite ‘one-liners’. This is what it means to be transformed on the journey inward.

It is so important that our path takes us through the Wall, not just to it; that we allow the dark seasons of life to shape and form us, not make us isolated and bitter. We must not get consumed by self-assessment, or immobilised by our situation. We must continue to surrender to God if we want to see ‘the light of day’.

Discussion Questions (Getting unstuck)

1/ What are some of the ways you can let go of self-centredness?

2/ What am I learning about God’s purpose for my life?

3/ What are the areas in my life that need to be healed by God’s love?

4/ What am I going to do in order to endure in my walk with Jesus (whatever it takes)?