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The Ripple Effect

14/05/2023 - Jody Destry

Q: Who is a person who has had a significant impact your life? Whose ripples you are living in the wake of?

Scripture is full of stories of people who encounter God and are changed and transformed because of that encounter. But it never stops there…. an encounter with God is never an isolated event…it always has a ripple effect

Encounter 1: Ruth – ‘A Household’
Ruth 1:16-17
Ruth 2:11-12
Ruth 4:9-17

Q: How is God wanting to use me in my family to be a blessing?

Q: How are the choices I’m making today impacting the generations above and below me? How can I be more intentional with this?

One encounter with God can transform an entire household

Encounter 2: The woman with the issue of blood

Mark 5:24-34

One encounter with God can transform an entire crowd

Q: How might we be more aware of who’s in the crowd of our lives and what they’re witnessing about Jesus in and through us?

Q: How might this story inspire us to live with our faith on display?

Encounter 3: The Samaritan women at the well

John 4:6-30

One encounter with God can transform a village
An entire community / a town / a regionThis is what we’re believing for as a Church for our community – through each one of us – through our Neighbourhood ministry and the work of DCC – to see communities transformed by the Good News.

Q: When was the last time you were excited about sharing what God has done in your life?

Q: Who’s in your village? Where is the community God has placed you in (your street / your neighbourhood / workplace / your school / university etc)

Q: How might God want to use your story of transformation to influence others in that place?

Encounter 4: Esther – A Nation

Esther 4:14

One encounter with God can transform a Nation
Q: Have you been given a voice of influence on a broader scale? (Or do you sense this might be something God is calling you to?)Q: How might God be inviting you to use your position or platform for greater effectiveness for the Kingdom?

Encounter 5: Mary – humanity

Chosen to carry and birth the Saviour of the world – Jesus – the hope of humanity.

The ripple effect of all ripple effects!!

Luke 1:26-37

Mary’s obedience to God’s plan for her had a ripple effect that you and I are living in the blessing of right now!

From the Household to humanity – that’s how far the love and grace of Jesus extends to you and through you.

Q: What invitation or call from God do I need to say ‘Yes’ to today?

Q: Where is God calling me to take a step of obedience?

Never underestimate the power of your ‘yes’ in the hands of God! And just how far the ripple effect of that yes can travel!