Vision Offering Goal $250,000


It’s that time again where, as a church, we give above and beyond our usual tithes and offerings to see the kingdom advance here, there and everywhere. Throughout the month of June, every family will have the opportunity to support the vision and mission of Discovery Church by contributing financially to our Vision Offering partners.

We believe that it is only through God’s grace that the vision and mission of Discovery Church will be fulfilled. And yet, in his goodness, God invites us to work together with Him to realise it.

This Vision Offering month, we’re setting our sights high with a funding goal of $250,000. 

Yep, you heard that right—$250,000!

Why? Because we sense the call to step up and make a significant difference. We are well aware that we’ve got our Legacy Project in the works, but here’s the deal; we’re not letting it slow down our commitment to our partners who are each doing incredible work for the kingdom. We are convinced that it’s not about the buildings or the projects—it’s about Every Heart being found in Jesus’ story.

Our Partners


Discovery Community Care


Discovery Community Care exists to support and see communities transformed through community led spaces.

Currently the DCC house hosts a hive of activity where community members meet and are welcomed to share in the work of the community garden – The Pumpkin Patch; free art classes aimed at relaxed conversations and a place of sharing life and stories; community meals that value community contribution and a place to belong.

Discovery Community Care is currently offering food relief to over 70 households per week and is rapidly growing. DCC also supports Food Stop street mission which runs out of Lilydale every Thursday night. It seeks to spiritually and physically feed a community needing support and connection in Lilydale.

Community members are now expressing their interest to contribute their gifts and talents for the benefit of others. Many are overcoming challenging circumstances with a genuine desire to be contributors to society.

Why Give?

Discovery Community Care has a big vision to see the most vulnerable experience restoration as we create spaces for people to find belonging in various practical activities.

These activities come at a cost, so we’d love you to partner with us as we seek to expand and support areas in which community can participate, belong and experience the kingdom here.

“We’re not going out to save every kid, but we are there to plant seeds and let them know there is a light at the end of the tunnel”

Corey (former Southern Cross Kids’ Camp Attendee)


Southern Cross Kids' Camps

Southern Cross Kids’ Camps run camps across Australia for primary-aged and now secondary-aged children from really hard places.

They give children who have experienced abuse and neglect the best week of their year. Children on these camps experience a week filled with fun and laughter and get to leave camp with a fresh perspective, new life skills and hope for the future. The camps set children up for success, both on camp and into the future and help them make memories that shape their lives, all made possible by a team of amazing volunteers who demonstrate God’s unconditional love.

Every child has the undivided attention of their own caring, adult buddy to help them have a successful and supported week. Once children are invited to our camps, they have a standing invitation to return each year, building on the trust and relationships and giving them the hope of something to look forward to.

Why Give?

From right here in the local community of Mt Evelyn to all the way across 5 States and 2 Territories of Australia, Southern Cross Kids’ Camps impact the lives of hundreds of children each year. We want to support the ongoing growth and expansion of Southern Cross Kids’ Camps by contributing through this year’s Vision Offering.

Would you join us in supporting kids who are doing it tough around our nation?

“My husband and I are grateful for the work of EFICOR by which I am alive today”

UNNATI project beneficiary


Glen & Jayne

Glen & Jayne take a key role in supporting local and global business mission work.

This includes participation, support and sharing their expertise with Kingdom-minded people who are using business as a means to integrate their call to the marketplace with their call to serve and love God’s people.

Along with work in the business sphere, ‘Flourish’ is a female leadership training program that focuses on Gospel-centric personal & spiritual formation.

At the core of the program is the intent to bring about a heart change with each participant. This is not just about conveying information and teaching. Rather it is about creating opportunities for each person to change their thinking, outlook and behaviours in such a way that they become more active, more engaged and more passionate about living their lives to make a positive difference within their communities and beyond.

Why Give?

Discovery Church’s generosity through Vision Offering has enabled Jayne to train 50+ amazing women as facilitators from 6 cities across the globe.

Would you partner with us to continue to develop leaders across the globe?


EFICOR works towards a just, responsible and compassionate society in India.

The Unnati Maternal and Child Health project has been operating in 149 remote villages in Odisha’s Balangir district since 2017.

Through the partnership of Discovery Church over many years, we have been able to directly impact over 15,000 people and around 5,500 families who experience abject poverty. This project has seen an incredible result seeing the most vulnerable mothers & babies receive the maternal and child healthcare that they so desperately need.

Although we have already done great work, we are looking to continue the amazing work with EFICOR to another 100 villages that are needing this support. The estimated cost of this project is $60,000.

Why Give?

Abject poverty, corruption of services, the low status of women in society all lead to the need for this project.

Would you consider partnering with us this Vision Offering to support 100 villages in abject poverty to get the maternal and child health they need?



Vision Offering is a once a year, over and above, offering that goes to support our local and global mission partners and our church facility, to help people find themselves in the bigger story. This June, we are inviting you to hear from our partners, to hear from God, and to give as you are led and financially able so that together we can see the Kingdom of God advance.


We believe Vision Offering is a very tangible expression and outworking of our overall vision to see “every heart found in Jesus’ story”. Vision Offering allows us to further release ministry and mission via our Vision Offering partners to this end.


We encourage everyone to hear from God and give obediently in response to Him. If you are in a position where you have a conviction about your role here at Discovery Church, engage at the level the Lord directs you.


Vision Offering is intended to be an avenue of giving over and above your tithe as it is a different form of giving that is for a different purpose. There is no compulsion for you to give, so if you cannot exceed your tithe at this time, please feel released from giving to this special offering.


You will have the option to select tax-deductible giving if you wish. In order to issue you with a tax receipt for your tax return, we will need extra details such as your physical address and email address so please make sure you provide all of the details requested.


Trusting God in faith is always a stretch. It creates tension without breaking the spirit. It believes that no matter what, God will provide because it’s who He is. Maturity is always on the other side trust, especially in the context of giving. The heart of the leadership is that Vision Offering is a time gathering together with a spirit of joy and celebration, knowing that our individual commitments can add up to significant achievements. On the other side of our faith and generosity many lives will be impacted here in our church and in our local and global community.


The best way to engage in anything in church life is to move forward based on the conviction God has given you to be involved. The best thing you can do for yourself and the church is to take some time to simply and humbly ask God how He wants you to be involved. Listen to His answer and step out in faith. That is the place where we all learn to trust God. The Holy Spirit speaks in words, pictures and impressions. He will always point to Jesus. He will always promote maturity. He will never contradict Scripture and He will never violate community. Ask God to speak to you and use this framework to help discern what you are sensing.

Give online by Credit Card or Direct Deposit