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Jeremiah 29:7

“Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

We live in a world connected by people, ideas and stories. As the Church, our role is to seek the welfare of the places and spaces in which we live, for in the welfare of our cities, we will also find our own welfare and opportunities to extend God’s Kingdom. What’s more, the Kingdom of God also connects us to our brothers and sisters in Christ right around the world.

Vision Offering 2021 gives us the opportunity to BE the light of the world and to BRING the faith, hope and love of Jesus into our communities where it is so desperately needed. Discovery Church is all about helping people find themselves in the bigger story that God is telling, and if our world ever needed a bigger story to connect to, it is right now.

Vision Offering is a once a year, over and above, offering that goes to support our local and global mission partners, to help people find themselves in the bigger story. This June, we are inviting you to hear from our partners, to hear from God and to give as you are led and able.

Who are we supporting?

Our Initiatives

Discovery Community Care walks alongside people in our local community to see them express their gifts and achieve their goals.

Discovery Community Care connects with people from Lilydale and surrounding suburbs that are facing a temporary crisis or are struggling to meet the day to day costs of living. People can connect with a range of programs, including FoodStop Community Meal, Community Support services such as food relief, support to manage finances and advocacy efforts and COACH Mentoring. Each of these programs provide opportunities for relationship building, encouragement to work towards self-identified goals and where appropriate, sharing the hope of Jesus and the bigger story we are part of. And at Christmas time, the Christmas Project supports families to choose gifts for their children and provides Christmas hampers.

Connected with our local neighbours

At DCC Community Support we have the privilege to walk alongside some people for a number of years and in the process see their lives transformed. One client started accessing our service mid-2018. Their life was in turmoil after separating from their long-term partner; the bills were mounting up, they had trouble paying their mortgage, and they were suffering from social isolation and ongoing physical and emotional health issues.

Addressing some of their practical needs first, we provided them with food to ease their financial burden, helped them access government grants to reduce their bills and encouraged them to return regularly for the fresh produce we provide. Over the weeks we got to know them better and we were able to encourage them to join in some local social activities and linked them to a relevant health service.

From early 2020, after seeing us regularly for eighteen months, they started allowing us to pray with them. They began acknowledging the answers they were seeing, recognising that God was impacting their life in a positive way.

By late 2020, their health, both physically and mentally, had improved to such an extent that they were excited to seek some changes in their life; organising to move to another area to be mortgage-free and obtaining full time employment.

On their last visit to us in March 2021, they thanked the team for all the help we had given them practically, emotionally and spiritually, mentioning the chats, prayers and encouragement had made such a difference in their life. “You change lives every day” was their final comment.

It is such a privilege to walk alongside people as we seek not only their wellbeing, but the wellbeing of our whole community as we journey together.

– Shereen Barker, Discovery Community Care

Our Partners

Southern Cross Kids’ Camps

Southern Cross Kids Camps run camps for primary aged children from really hard places across Australia.

Children who have experienced abuse and neglect experience a week filled with fun and laughter and get to leave camp with a fresh perspective, new life skills and hope for a brighter future. The camps set the children up for success both on camp and into the future and help them make memories that shape their lives, all made possible by a team of amazing volunteers who demonstrate God’s unconditional love. From right here in our local community of Mt Evelyn to the remote indigenous region of Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia, Southern Cross Kids Camps impact the lives of hundreds of children each year.

Connected with young people across Australia

Earlier this year we had the honour of attending a 21st birthday party in St Kilda. It’s always great to see outstanding young people reach milestones. The major difference with this birthday though was that it was for a former camper and now leader at SCKC.

Celeste came to us as an eight-year-old girl who had been removed from her home and was placed in care. Life was tough. However, through these years, we had the privilege of having Celeste on four camps and were able to see her grow into a phenomenal young person.

The camps were a positive experience for Celeste and she still keeps her camp photo albums on her bedside table. When it hasn’t been such a good day, she will get them out to remind her of happy times and there are plenty of people that love her.

She returned to lead on SCKC a few years ago as an outstanding young woman who has an incredible heart to serve kids who are going through similar situations she experienced in her life.

And Celeste is not the only camper to return to SCKC – as time goes by we are seeing more kids from camp return as leaders who serve!

SCKC continues to thrive and much of that credit goes to Discovery Church with your amazing support and generosity!

– Pete & Sandy Lusk, SCKC

Roedie & Jeanette

LifeKeys Training​

Roedie and Jeanette equip church leaders to facilitate LifeKeys courses in countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Roedie and Jeanette have ministered in the CIS for 25 years. They have contextualised, translated and developed a range of LifeKeys courses that support people to overcome various emotional and spiritual challenges. They regularly receive testimonies of transformation on a personal and church level as people engage in the courses. The courses currently run in thousands of churches, as well as prisons and rehabilitation centres. After investing in the training of local facilitators, Roedie and Jeanette now focus their efforts on overseeing training in four major centres and running LifeKeys Conferences.

Connected with churches in the Ukraine

When we minister to other people, we often do not know what exactly has been sown or when it will actually come to fruition. As we are praying and ministering into the wellbeing of a city or a community, we do so by influencing individuals. When they heal, their families heal. When families are restored, their community will be transformed.

We have seen this happen many times over the last 25 years and were reminded of this again through an email exchange this year.

Tatiana is an elder of a Jewish Messianic Congregation in Kiev. We first connected with her in 2010 at the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary where we have taught first-year theology students for many years. Within our teaching, we introduce students to several LifeKeys courses.

Tatiana had received the LifeKeys Search for Life materials we had translated into Russian but had not used them until the Covid-19 lockdown last year prompted her to trial the courses with her congregation. Tatiana shared in her email, “the results are great”. And after the success of the first course, they went on and ran three more courses and intend to run more including the Valiant Man course.

These kinds of emails always encourage us to do more in His Kingdom. We thank you all at Discovery for partnering with us over so many years!

– Roedie & Jeanette Rapp


EFICOR works towards a just, responsible and compassionate society in India.

EFICOR’s Maternal & Child Health Project in Balangir, Odisha seeks to improve the health, wellbeing and chance of survival for women and children in the region. The project works alongside women, children, and their families and communities to improve access to healthcare services and healthcare awareness across the region. The project also works closely with local health services and government to build their capacity and ensure that long lasting changes that seek the welfare of the city last for generations to come.

EFICOR is also responding to the severe impact of COVID-19 in regions across India where they have existing projects. Their efforts are supporting thousands of the most vulnerable people, including migrant workers, people with disabilities, widows and the elderly, with critical emergency relief and income support. They are also working hard to raise awareness and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in communities.

Connected with families in India

Lalita and her husband live in Balangir district in Odisha with their twins that were born in August 2020. Due to extreme poverty, every year they have regularly migrated to Hyderabad for six months in order to secure regular labouring work at an industrial brick kiln. Due to the intense physical exertion involved in the work, Lalita lost weight whilst pregnant and became increasingly unwell.

As the effects of COVID-19 hit India in 2020, Lalita and her husband were then forced to return to Balangir due to the government lockdown, and were required to stay in a quarantine centre for twenty-seven days. During their stay, EFICOR staff met her and undertook an antenatal care check-up, revealing that she was expecting twins but also that she was severely anaemic. Due to the frequent change of their location because of migration, her name was not registered in the local health centre of her village so she was not eligible to receive government support.

After realising Lalita’s urgent need for healthcare, EFICOR staff took her to the health centre and facilitated the registration of her name and from there Lalita was referred to hospital where she received the treatment she required. 

On 13th August 2020, with support from local health workers, Lalita safely gave birth to two beautiful twin baby boys!

Thanks to the advocacy and collaboration efforts of EFICOR workers, Lalita was able to be connected and register for free government health services for the safe delivery of her twins, and receive the health awareness information and antenatal care she needed to ensure she made the best decisions regarding their welfare for the future.  

– EFICOR Unnati Maternal & Child Health Project Team

Glen & Jayne

Business for Transformation

Glen & Jayne seek Kingdom transformation through the marketplace overseas.

The nature of this work in the country they minister in is sensitive so more information can be found in our print materials or by contacting Discovery Church.

Our Facility

Discovery Church Facility

Discovery Church’s facility releases ministry every week, supporting our vision of seeing every heart found in Jesus’ story.

On any given Sunday morning, our facility in Mt Evelyn currently hosts over 500 people – and when you consider OneHeart gatherings, playgroups, staff, LifeGroups, weddings, funerals, and other events throughout the week, that number can easily exceed 1,000 people across the week. We are in the process of enquiring of the Lord and dreaming of ways we can steward our property to further increase our engagement with our community – so we invite you to consider partnering with us financially to invest in our facility and see these dreams realised for our next season.


Why are our leaders calling us to this?

Our church is committed to having leaders that hear from God for our future and enthusiastically call us all to help make that future a reality. When it comes to resourcing the vision of our church, our Senior Pastors have a strong confidence that God is guiding and directing our church in this direction. 

Why are we being asked to give at a time where so many of us have been affected by Coronavirus financially?

Our leadership and eldership seriously considered launching Vision Offering last year and again this year, considering the amount of hardship and disruption that has been experienced by so many. But, through prayer and discernment we have been encouraged to press forward, recognising coronavirus is not only affecting vulnerable people locally but even more dramatically in countries overseas like India. As disciples of Jesus, when one part of the body of Christ suffers, then every part suffers (1 Cor 12:26). When we have received so much from Jesus, how could we not respond? We therefore wanted to ensure everyone had the opportunity to invest in mission financially if they were feeling prompted to and were able.

I’m only new to the church should I be giving to this offering?

We encourage everyone to hear from God and give obediently in response to Him. If you are in a position where you have a conviction about your role here at Discovery Church, engage at the level the Lord directs you.

Can this replace my tithe?

We strongly encourage you to give to this offering over & above your tithe. This is a different form of giving for a different purpose. 

Is my offering tax deductible?

You will have the option to select tax- deductible giving if you wish. Please note that tax-deductible giving is restricted to Discovery Community Care, Southern Cross Kids Camps and EFICOR, so if you’re in a position where you don’t require tax deductibility then we ask that you don’t select this option.

What does trusting God in faith look like?

Trusting God in faith is always a stretch. It creates tension without breaking the spirit. It believes that no matter what, God will provide because it’s who He is. Maturity is always on the other side trust, especially in the context of giving. Imagine what happens in you when you see God come through? What will the actual day be like? The heart of the leadership is that this day is a day of gathering together with a spirit of joy and celebration, knowing that our individual commitments can add up to significant achievements. On the other side of our faith and generosity many lives will be impacted here in our church, in our local community and in the nations of India and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).  

How do I hear from God to participate?

The best way to engage in anything in church life is to move forward based on the conviction God has given you to be involved. The best thing you can do for yourself and the church is to take some time to simply and humbly ask God how He wants you to be involved. Listen to His answer and step out in faith. That is the place where we all learn to trust God. The Holy Spirit speaks in words, pictures and impressions. He will always point to Jesus. He will always promote maturity. He will never contradict Scripture and He will never violate community. Ask God to speak to you and use this framework to help discern what you are sensing. 

Give online by Credit Card or Direct Deposit. 

We also accept Cheque in the mail or Cash dropped in to Discovery Church by appointment only.