Welcome Home – 40 Day Fast devotion #18


Calling All Angels
Matt Destry – Communications Pastor
Acts 5:19-20
But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail and brought them out. “Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people the full message of this new life.”
God will send angels to break prison doors in order that the full message of new life is proclaimed. 
As we read yesterday, the growth of the church continued as the apostles taught, miracles were done, and people were brought to faith in Christ. There was such great momentum around the Spirit-inspired people of God! Though, whenever there is an advance of the Kingdom of God, we can always expect a counter-attack. The jealousy of the Pharisees had been aroused yet again, and the apostles find themselves in jail once again. They are (again) kept overnight, but instead of being released by their captors, they are released by an angelic visitation. 
We’re told in Scripture that angels are ‘ministering spirits’ sent to help ‘those who will inherit salvation’. They are holy and heavenly beings who live in the presence of God, and whose occupation is worship and service. Here, in the midst of oppression, an angel appears to the imprisoned and encourages them to ‘get back out there’!
We can learn a lot about our vocation to bring the Story of God to the world by looking at what lengths God will go to in order that His word be proclaimed. When we are called by God, not even prison bars can keep us from the task at hand! God is faithful to His word – His word is not chained.  The angelic exhortation for these men to proclaim the ‘full message of this new life’ is the essence of invitation and evangelism. 
As well as being grateful for angelic assistance, we can be confident that God will always find a way for His word to be preach and taught. He will always find a way for your story and mine to impact our friends. Rather than being fearful of what might happen, let us be confident in God, knowing that at all times His Word will achieve the purpose for which it was sent.