Welcome Home – 40 Day Fast Devotion #6


The Coming of the Spirit
Acts 2: 14-36
Among the Native Americans in USA they talk about the Great Spirit who is represented by the eagle. The feather of the golden eagle is greatly treasure as it represents the Spirit and the eagle that is all powerful and sees all things from above. The Spirit descends to the earth like the eagle and the eagle uses the wind to fly above the earth. The eagle symbolised God to them and for us the dove or fire represents the Holy Spirit – it represents God coming down. 
The Holy Spirit is God who comes down to live within us to empower us for ministry.
In Acts 2 we see Him as a tongue of fire that changes the lives of the disciples and the Jews in Jerusalem forever. Peter stands up and addresses the crowd who have gathered as a result of hearing the Spirit come rushing like a wind at 9.00 O’clock in the morning. He makes it very clear the Spirit has been at work and not alcohol. It is Pentecost and they have been praying and waiting for the promised Spirit to come, which he did and the result was life changing. Peter preaches boldly, clarifying prophecies and Scripture and convinces the Jews Jesus is alive, is king and has sent the Holy Spirit as promised. He made it very clear it was no mistake Jesus was crucified or that the Spirit came with signs and wonders – it was the desire of God and the prophets that the Spirit would come one day to change everything. He wanted them to know God had sent Jesus and the Spirit so that all things would come into line with God’s purposes.
If you have seen an eagle rise high above the clouds without moving a wing, or heard the thunder clap and clouds form in the sky, you know there is something at work that you cannot see. In the same way you can see the work or evidence of the Holy Spirit by the signs and wonders he performs in the world and in our lives. We cannot see Him but we can expect to see what He does by the results of His presence in our lives. The disciples and the Jews heard and saw the many languages He gave them on the day of Pentecost. They saw Peter speak with new boldness when he addressed the crowd of many thousands. They were cut to the heart as a result of his confident message about Jesus being the risen Lord and king. All of this was the evidence of the Spirit being there and changing their lives forever.
The presence of the Holy Spirit is still real and available to us all today. He has not changed and he is still the same Holy Spirit that Joel and Peter spoke about who can do awesome signs and wonders in our lives. He gives us words of worship not our own, he gives us power to speak for him to those around us and he gives supernatural power to do things that we cannot do ourselves. We can see signs, wonders and miracles today just as Peter and disciples did on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is for all of us; boys and girls, women and men, young and old, rich and poor. Ordinary people who are hungry for the Holy Spirit and who will believe and wait on God until he gives them the promised Holy Spirit. Are you that person today who hungers and thirsts for the Spirit? If you are, He will come like an eagle, dove or fire to fill you.
Reflective Questions
  1. Have you received the Holy Spirit with power since you believed in Jesus?
  2. What does this passage address regarding what the Holy Spirit will do for you?
  3. What do you need to do so you can position yourself to receive the Holy Spirit?