Welcome Home – 40 Day Fast Devotion #9


Access Granted
Acts 3:8
He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God. 
Have you ever been invited to a really great event or party, but had to decline due to prior engagements? It’s terrible isn’t it? You really wanted to be there, but because you already said ‘yes’ to something else, you have to now say ‘no’ to this. You desired to be there, but you were unable. 
Picture again the crippled man, by the gate called Beautiful. His desire is to get into the temple to worship God, but he is unable. His paralysis has him otherwise engaged. Permanently. He cannot approach the temple freely either physically (he is placed at the gate every day by someone) or according to religion (Jewish law forbade it). It’s more than an issue of access – it’s an issue of worship. 
The man’s joy at being set free is more than because he can now walk. It’s because of where he can walk that the joy is there. All of a sudden, in a split second, this man who could only ever dream of entering the temple and participating in the worship of God has now had his ‘prior engagement’ cancelled! He is now free to enjoy and experience all that a relationship with God means. 
Some of our friends, family, neighbours and co-workers want to worship Jesus, they just don’t know how, why or where. Carried along by the Spirit, we can both demonstrate that and lead them there. No obstacle is too big, no mountain to large for God to shift so that someone can encounter His presence. He desires that all would worship him. All are invited to this party. Let nothing stop us from inviting others to join us. 
Reflective Questions:
  1. What are the biggest obstacles for your friends in coming to church or Alpha?
  2. How do you think they might be overcome with God’s help?
  3. How can you pray in this situation to see breakthrough?