Welcome Home – 40 Day Fast Devotional #26


Starting Points

Matt Destry – Communications Pastor


Acts 8:35

Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus.


Steve wanted to run a marathon. So, after building up his fitness, he sat down to plot a route. He figured that the straightest and flatted path was 25 kilometres from his home. So, because he did not have a car, Steve ran to the spot where he would begin his marathon-length 42 kilometres. He started the clock, and began his journey. 10 kilometres in, he was feeling pretty good. By 20 kilometres in, he was exhausted. Steve could not complete his 42 kilometre run, because of the energy he wasted getting to the starting line.

Talking to our friends about Jesus can be a little bit like this sometimes. We can spend so much energy getting the conversation around to where we feel comfortable, that we miss our opportunity. We would have been much more successful if we had began our journey at the obvious starting point – the questions that our friends have about faith and Jesus.

Philip did not spend time trying to convince the Ethiopian eunuch that they needed to begin a faith conversation right back a the beginning of Genesis. Philip simply began where the Ethiopian was – in the book of Isaiah. The african official had questions about the nature of the writer of Isaiah and the testimony he found in that book. Philip began there, and led him to Jesus.

When conversing with your friends about Jesus, start from where they are. Begin with the questions they are asking. Things can get a little ‘messy’, but rather than redirecting the conversation all the time, begin with their biggest question or enquiry. Then, patiently as the Spirit leads you, think about how the story of Jesus applies to their situation, and bring them the good news about Him.

Reflection Questions

1/ Think about a time in your life when you shared about Jesus and went really well. What happened? Why did it go so well?
2/ What could you have done better?
3/ What would you introduce next time you get the opportunity to share your faith?